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Swing Dance SCT is the swing dance program at Salsa Con Todo Studio. As a part of the SCT family, our students get access to our beautiful studio in Fremont, the connected cafe and bar (Cafe Con Todo), as well as access top notch instruction in a wide variety of social dance styles.

At SCT, we pride ourselves on our commitment to authenticity, musicality, and community. Social dancing is about becoming a part of something greater than yourself - connecting to cultures, individuals, and ourselves. It’s not unusual at our studio to have swing dance class in one room, live Salsa drumming in another, and meditation in another. We’re so grateful to be a part of such a diverse and thriving dance community, and we can’t wait to welcome you in!

Learning to dance is a journey much like learning a language or an instrument. We believe it’s essential for students to take ownership over their learning process. To facilitate this, class sizes are limited. This guarantees that our students have access to instructors, input on class material, and many opportunities for individualized feedback.

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What is Swing Dance?

Swing dance refers to a whole family of dances that include Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and many others. Lindy Hop was the dance that started it all and made swing the most popular American dance form.

Lindy Hop was born out of the African-American community in Harlem, New York in the 1930s. It was danced to swing jazz, the most popular music in the United States at the time, which ranged from slow and sultry to groovy to blazing-fast and energetic. The Lindy Hop is danced to this day in countries all across the world thanks to the efforts of Frankie Manning, the Ambassador of Lindy Hop, and several other original dancers.

Check out this blog post and its related posts for more information on the history of swing dance.

"Cottontail" by the Duke Ellington Orchestra
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers: William Downes, Frances "Mickey" Jones Norma Miller, Billy Ricker Al Minns, Willa Mae Ricker, Ann Johnson, Frankie Manning