Our Instructors

Our teaching staff is dedicated to dance, the art of teaching, and folding you in to the wide world of swing dancing. They regularly travel the globe together to teach, compete, and perform, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal. Whether you’re looking to try something new, become a sought after social dancer, or strut your stuff on the competition floor, our instructors have the experience and know how to help you accomplish your dancing dreams.

Instructors are available for private lessons. You can find more information about that here.


Elaine Buchignani

Background: Elaine is a certified dance addict. She’s done ballet, modern, circus, ballroom, and just about everything in-between, but nothing captures her heart like Swing! When she’s not teaching dance, she’s busy teaching Pilates. Ask her for a postural assessment if you dare!
Favorite Move: Drags
Favorite Song: “Basin Street Blues” by Louis Armstrong
When she’s not dancing, Elaine likes to write poetry and take long walks, preferably amongst flowers.


Stefan Huynh

Background: Stefan started out with ballroom dances in high school, but he really fell head first into dancing when he discovered Swing. Ask him how many places he’s danced in the world!
Favorite Move: Frankie Pop
Favorite Song: “Take the A Train” by Duke Ellington
When he’s not dancing, Stefan likes to play video games, develop apps (like Swing Dance Seattle), and train doggos.


Nicole Whiting

Background: Along with being an avid Lindy Hopper, Nicole is also a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and ex gymnast. If you ask nicely, she may show you how to Charleston on your hands!
Favorite Move: Swing Out
Favorite Song: “Rockin’ In Rhythm” by Duke Ellington
When she’s not dancing, Nicole likes to play boardgames, go birding, and cuddle with her adoring dog, Hera.


Jose Tello

Background: Jose started swing dancing in high school and still can’t seem to stop. These days he splits his time between his two loves - Lindy and Balboa. Oh yeah, he’s also a killer DJ. Ask him about Swing music!
Favorite Move: Switches
Favorite Song: The Grabtown Grapple by Artie Shaw
When he’s not dancing, Jose likes to get out into nature and hit the gym.